OZGA Consulting Company is a unique organisation. Our main goal is supporting companies in building safe financial solutions.
Many years of experience gained by working in international corporations, enables us to ensure the highest quality of service. We support companies in acquisition of external financing as well as with financial outsourcing, which includes creating modern financial departments in micro, small and medium companies.

Benefits of working with us:

Support of an elite group of experts,

Safe financial solutions, perfectly tailored to the changing needs of your company,

Creation of unique financial departments through financial outsourcing which is a perfect combination of your experience and our knowledge,

Achievement of business goals through efficient financial management

Individual approach for each company and equal partnership based on mutual trust

We are proud to be a part of Foundation of Family Companies

Consulting Services

Consulting – safe financial solutions

We support companies in finding safe financial solutions through preparing funding proposals with credit documentation, holding talks with both Polish and international banks and financial institutions, negotiating terms and preparing legal analysis of contracts.
We help in obtaining funding in terms of:

revolving financing


revolving credit


investment financing

investment credit

loan for technological innovations

commercial development project financing, including hotels, office buildings, logistics centers etc.

inancing of a real estate development projects

special financig

leasing, including financial lease and operating lease

leaseback properties

bank guarantees

import and export Letter of Credit

Financial Outsourcing

Having in mind the needs of micro, small and medium companies, we create unique financial outsourcing services, with the highest standard support in financial optimization, establishment and management.


Measuring effectiveness of the company through e.g. margin calculation, checking quality of accounting and management knowledge

Evaluation of the projects paying special attention to enlargement of the company/p>

Help in minimizing currency exchange risks

Optimization of financial policy

Financial restructuring


Financial planning

Creating a budget

Optimization of financial policy

Preparation of credit documentation, including: business plan, forecasts and financial modeling

Preparation of transfer pricing documentation


Current financial management, including: acquisition of funding and liquidity in financial management

Exchange Rate risk management

Financial restructuring

Business development planning


I had a pleasure of working with Marta within the confines of Alior Bank for almost two years. At the time we completed two development projects thanks to her determination. I highly value Marta’s competence, engagement and final effects of her work.

Dariusz Szczypiński, CFO

I had a pleasure of working with Marta during her career in Raiffeisen Polbank. In particular, I remember her thoroughness, conscientiousness, punctuality and individual approach to the client. She sets very high standards for business relationships thanks to her personality and dynamism.

Hubert Szulc, Chairman of the Board
Adboard Sp. z o.o.

We intended to cooperate with the company that will meet our high expectations of professionalism, unique knowledge and rich experience, as well as, would be able to deal with complexity of our investment.
OZGA Consulting Company was, undoubtedly, our first choice. Their full commitment in of our project resulted in obtaining few millions of Polish zlotys in financing and saving tens of thousands of polish zlotys on the investment.
We highly recommend OZGA Consulting Company as a partner, in terms of finding financial solutions, because of their high standard of building relationship with clients, unique knowledge and original attitude toward each of their clients.

Marek Garboliński, Chairman of the Board
Roman Szafrński, Board Member
MRS Logistic Sp. z o.o.

We worked together on the project within Measure 4.3. Technological credit, Operational Program Innovative Economy.
From the beginning, our cooperation was based on mutual trust and full commitment. Additionally, Marta’s enthusiasm, willingness to act and great knowledge of our business model are a great asset of our collaboration.
It is with great conviction that I recommend Marta Ozga and OZGA Consulting Company as a business partner in terms of cooperation with banks.

Henryk Leszczyński, partner

Marta showed great commitment and determination so that we could submit documentation for Technological Credit on time. She has done a great job in such a demanding situation, yet, she already proved her professionalism and client focus competency during our long term cooperation when she was working for Raiffeisen Bank Poland S.A. At that time we completed another investment, within the framework of the Investment Loan.

Marcin Fludra, Chairman of the Board
Fludra Sp. z o.o.

After years of cooperation with Marta Ozga, we particularly value her availability, comprehensibility and client focus competency. Together, we have completed projects that involve the purchase of real estate. Also, because of her experience, we benefited from overdraft, perfectly tailored to our needs and taking into account season effect of our company.
Commitment, client focus competency, knowledge and competence are among many attributes that characterize Marta.

Izabela Stolarska, Chairman of the Board

Our cooperation was focused on acquiring overdraft worth a dozen million polish zlotys, as well as on on-going service. We highly value substantive support that Marta offered us in course of one and a half year.
Marta has set high standards of service through conscientiousness, enthusiasm, promptness and client focus competency.
We highly recommend working with Marta Ozga, because she is an expert in business.

Lucjan Wypych, Wspólnik,
Super Siódemka Sp.j.

In years 2012-13 we succeeded in obtaining a technological credit - from stand-by agreement, through signing a credit agreement to payment of Technological Bonus.
From the beginning of 2014, in close cooperation with Marta, we obtained another financing for purchase of printing machine.
The value of both investments exceeded 5 million Polish zlotys.
We highly recommend collaboration with Marta Ozga, because of her professionalism, client focus competency, determination and commitment to every project.

Janusz Nowak, Chairman of the Board
Poligrafia Janusz Nowak Sp. z o.o.

Our relation is based on mutual trust. Frequent contact, substantive support in terms of bank services and care about our needs, from her side caused, that we highly value cooperation with Marta Ozga.
Together we carried out investments associated with investment and technological credits. For 5 years we collaborated within the scope of on-going services, as well as overdraft.
Marta advises and indicates different possibilities, yet she always leaves us the final decision. We highly value her full engagement and focus on our needs.

Małgorzata Hauffa, Chief Accountant
Tartak Zębowo Sp. z o.o. Sp.k.

As businessmen, we highly value cooperaion with professionals like Marta Ozga. She was our account manager in Raiffeisen Bank S.A. and together we carried out development projects. We could always count on Marta as her guiding principle is development of her clients, as she proved during our everyday cooperation. Our relation was based on mutual trust which is exceptionally important in business.

Bogdan Michalski, owner
Tartak Bogdan Michalski

With Marta’s help our company obtained overdraft through overdraft credit and factoring. Conditions and structure was perfectly tailored to our business model and met expectations of our partners included in the contract.
In retrospect, we evaluate Marta as a really competent and trustworthy person. We could always count on her and her full commitment.

Klaudyna Jarosławska, CFO
Centrum Techniki MACRO Sp. z o.o.

In 2012 we carried out our first joint project worth 4 137 115,33 polish zlotys within the framework of Technological Credit. After that, we decided to continue cooperation with Marta because of her high speed of action and her capability to perfectly adjust the conditions of the deal to our needs. Our another joint project was worth 5 505 791,14 polish zlotys and that financing was also provided from the Technological Credit.
We particularly value Marta’s knowledge, flexibility in finding solutions, client focus competency and good manners.

Michał Knioch, Chairman of the Board
Knioch Sp. z o.o.


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